Lennart Svensson: Bibliography

Hereby a list of my works. Five of them are in English. They are available at internet bookstores: the biographies on Jünger and Wagner, the Borderline book and the SF book. And the novel "Redeeming Lucifer".

. Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait (2014)
. Richard Wagner -- A Portrait (2015)
. Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man (2015)
. Science Fiction Seen From the Right (2016)

. Antropolis (2009) (link to Swedish blogpost)
. Till Smaragdeburg (2010) (link to Swedish blogpost)
. Redeeming Lucifer (2017)

Short Stories
. Eld och rörelse (2007) [Fire and Movement] --- freely available pdf in this Swedish post --- reception in Swedish
. Soldat i framtiden in the anthology "FEL Science Fiction" (2009) --- blog post in Swedish
. The Swedenborg Machine from the anthology "Vansinnesverk" (Catahya 2011)
. The Middle Zone in the anthology Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction, Volume 3 (Smashwords 2013)
. Stjärnskeppens banérförare [Starship Standard-Bearer] in Gorgon Magazine 5/2014

. Åselehaiku (Magasin Provins, 1999) [Åsele Haiku] --- blog post in Swedish
. Four Pagan Poems (Heathen Call 9, 2016)