tisdag 15 september 2015

Three Songs I Happen To Like

I like music. And I like linking favourite music in posts like this. I consult them myself sometimes to listen to my Youtube gems.

1. Elegy

When I think of "elegy" I think of a wailing song, a song of lament. However, there can also be a undercurrent of joy in lament. This paradoxical, oxymoronical feeling I personally get from Queen, from a Roger Taylor song vaguely reminiscent of his more famous hit "I'm in Love With My Car". This one however is more complex: "Tenement Funster" from the album "Sheer Heart Attack". It's got that wailing quality to it while at the same time being a song of pride, joy and youth:

Queen: "Tenement Funster"

2. Cosmos

In the early 1980's I saw a TV series called "Cosmos", hosted by astronomer Carl Sagan. The current, newmade version hosted by Neil de Grasse Tyson is a pallid successor indeed. -- The accompanying music to Sagan's series was exquisite, ranging from modern instrumentals to classics. Here I've stuck with the moderns and choosen Synergy's "Legacy". On the soundtrack album there was only a short version; here is a ten-minute take of this vaguely Bachian synth piece. So step aboard your spaceship and roam impossible vistas to these celestial harmonies:

Synergy: "Legacy"

3. Progressive

Van der Graaf Generator were pretty heavy. I must admit that I don't like their longer parts so very much. But "Theme One" is fairly short, only 4.09. And here we can, in nuce, enjoy the group's unique setting of organ, sax and drums -- and no guitars. Especially the sax player Steve Jackson is worth looking at: an English eccentric, intently occupied with blowing his strange pipes:

Van der Graaf Generator: "Theme One"

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onsdag 9 september 2015



I recently had a desolate walk in Never-Never land. "Empty spaces, what are we living for" and all that. Still, I Iike to roam the land in the early morning. And here's what I saw the other day, a car wreck / glorified renovation object.

It's a Borgward, a German 1950s car make. For instance, note the unbroken glass and the air in the tyres. So it wasn't a complete wreck. Rather quaint.

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