tisdag 13 februari 2018

Fantasy Land

This is about a novel.

I've written a fantasy. It was published last year. It's called Redeeming Lucifer.

The plot takes place in Romania 1917. A Russian captain is ordered to recce cantonements for the regimental staff. He approaches a castle and, once there, gets another mission: to go to "The Land" and find a cure for the world's pain.

On Amazon.co.uk we read this customer review of the book:
This is an inspiring and page-turning read for anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventure stories. Writing in the great tradition of epic quests, this author gives genuine meaning to his theme by his obvious deep historical and esoteric knowledge. --- [This is] a very exciting story with acutely observed, flawed characters, brilliantly described battle scenes, and a very satisfying ending!
More info about the book in this post.

Redeeming Lucifer
I Declare You the Spritual Superman

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