onsdag 6 april 2016

Borderline Reviewed

All praise for "Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man".

On the Manticore Press site there was recently a review of my book "Borderline". In it, N.M. Phoenix praises the book’s synthesis of holism, anti-reductionism and mysticism. The survey of perennially minded, traditionally inclined authors treated in the book is also appreciated:
The ending chapters cover Nietzsche and a few profound poets whom portray Tradition and holistic thought. It is difficult for me to reiterate his chapter on Nietzsche, which also discusses Evola in depth, but it is certainly one of the best chapters. It ties in much of what was recently mentioned and its relevance to the teachings of both Evola and Nietzsche. Following this chapter is a discussion on Södergran, T.S. Eliot, Freidrich, Swedenborg, and Jünger respectively. These were no less enjoyable chapters, and I have personally fell in love with Södergran whom I was unaware of until this work.
As a coda of the review Phoenix has this:
"Borderline" by Svensson is worth reading, contemplating, and applying in practice. Even weeks later I recall parts and allows me to shift how one thinks about things. It is an excellent survey of Perennialism, and is filled aplenty with writers and philosophers to further study. Think of it as a college course, or lecture, and contemplate the content. It is well worth the time and effort.
The whole review can be read here.

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