onsdag 1 februari 2017

Great Stories on This Blog

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Lennart Svensson, the Swedish author born in 1965. I'm your host for tonight. Here I will speak about some short stories available on this blog, written by yours truly.

Stories -- by me -- on this blog. This is the subject.

I'll take them in alphabetic order.

1. Details

Details is a flash fiction piece, less than 1.000 words. This one tells of the role of details in art, in what you see around you as virtual art.

2. Going After the Saurian Baddies

True to my fiery spirit, I have written some stories about war. Here's one of a future war, having a war correspondent as main character. Going After the Saurian Baddies is the title.

3. Good Cop, Mad Cop

Another flash fiction piece is Good Cop, Mad Cop. A crime story, succinct as nothing on earth.

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