onsdag 1 februari 2017

Great Stories on This Blog

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Lennart Svensson, the Swedish author born in 1965. I'm your host for tonight. Here I will speak about some short stories available on this blog, written by yours truly.

Stories -- by me -- on this blog. This is the subject.

I'll take them in alphabetic order.

1. Details

Details is a flash fiction piece, less than 1.000 words. This one tells of the role of details in art, in what you see around you as virtual art.

2. Johnnie Holt -- First on Mars

This is an eminent, conceptually "out there" story playing on Mars. It's about the white space empire I see in my crystal ball; the story tells of the first step in building this.

3. Good Cop, Mad Cop

Another flash fiction piece is Good Cop, Mad Cop. A crime story, succinct as nothing on earth.

Four November Poems
I Wanna Be Seen Green
Nordic Sphinx

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Give me the sign to build a dream on, dream on, dream on...