söndag 11 mars 2018

Lennart Svensson: Works in English

I'm a Hyperborean. A pilgrim of nostalgia.

My name is Lennart Svensson and I'm an author. Here's my biography.

As for the blog you're now reading, it's been up and running some ten years now. Here's the table of contents. It's got English language entries on top.

In Swedish, the name of the blog is "Svenssongalaxen". In English, that'll be "The Svensson Galaxy".

- - -

I'm a Swede and I began writing books in Swedish. Then, I switched to English. Because I felt like it.

The book starting my English career was Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait. After that one, I've published some more books in English. Below, you'll find my bibliography. Click on a specific title for more info.

. Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait (2014)
. Richard Wagner -- A Portrait (2015)
. Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man (2015)
. Science Fiction Seen From the Right (2016)
. Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man (2017)

. Redeeming Lucifer (2017)
. Burning Magnesium (2018)

Astral War
I Declare You the Spiritual Superman
Table of Contents of the Blog
The woman in the montage is Greta Garbo (1905-1990), the Swedish actress.

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