fredag 17 mars 2017

Zeitgeist Realities

War scare around...? Do people believe in an impending, all-out war...?

Some people say: war is imminent.

To them I say, go and join up then. "Join up or shut up...!" Or build a shelter in your backyard. Else I cannot take these prophets of disaster seriously.

The fact is, the war trend is going down since WWII. See here. There won't be a large scale war in MENA, Ukraine -- not anywhere. And that's a major change in the world's mental climate.

I mean, the Trump administration might talk about getting to grips with Iran. But -- the "window of opportunity" for starting a war against Iran is said to have closed already in 2007 or was it 2008. For instance, the American public won't have it.

Then, the Trump administration might want to rearm. But -- under Obama, the US defense already saw massive disarmament. In 2012, he cut down the Army substantially. 2013 saw the cutting down of the Navy and the Air Force.

So a rearmament would start at a comparatively low level. A 10% increase in US military spending isn't the end of the world.

- - -

Long-term changes say that major war is a thing of the past. These kinds of changes, along with Obama's massive disarmament, are mostly made without broad public reporting. MSM seems rather bent on scaring people and saying that war is imminent. A shot fired in a Syrian desert is like Stalingrad to them.

I mean, come on. In general it's a peaceful world and has been since 1990. The NWO kinda reversed it in 1996-2003. They went for chaos and destruction with 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. But now we're back on a more peaceful track.

OK. The US has intervened in Syria as of March this year. They have three battalions of Army Rangers in spiffy Stryker combat vehicles, they have Green Berets around. Is this escalation? Or a way to end the Syrian war?

You never know. But a major war, there won't be.

So put up or shut up -- join up, or shut up...!

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