onsdag 4 oktober 2017


I'm a teacher, a preacher and a poet.

And so I sing:
Burn, holy flame!
Rage, holy fire!

I am the flash in the firepan,
fire and movement preaching man.

- - -

I am superomismo
inititation, inspiration, inebriation –
initiation into the art of Action as Being.

I am battle as an inner experience –
death as an adviser –
the warrior way of truth.

- - -

I have gone beyond fate, beyond necessity.

I am faith.

I am astrality.

- - -

I am the holy flame,
burning all materialism
to ashes.

Burning it to ashes,
then burning the ashes.
And so it goes. More fiery poetry in Chapter 39 of this book.

Temple and Tree (poem)
Astral War
Evolian Art
Pic: Photo montage by LS.

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