torsdag 12 mars 2020

Dharma Town: Cathedral and Surroundings

These are images from my own town... my model city, my private diorama. Call it Antropolis, call it Dharma Town, call it whatever. An earlier exposition was this one [text in Swedish].

So, what do we see...?

We see a cathedral. And a red palace and a white. Etc.

My town. Peopled by diverse figures. And trafficked by spiffy cars.

We also have a park with a tiger statue. Ride the Tiger in the spirit of Evola...! [Hereby a review in Swedish of Evola's book in question.]

Below, a gallery of pictures. With pertinent captions with links and stuff. Enjoy.

- - -

1-2. The cathedral of Dharma Town, dedicated to the worship of the Spiritual Superman.

3. Overview.

4. The architecture of this diorama goes from modernist to the left to increasingly traditionalist on the right. In pic we see Manderley, a modernist house.

5. Tiger Park [link to Swedish post] with palaces in the background.

6. In front of his White Palace, Ritter von Epp. Sports car aficionado, reader of early Heinlein.

7. Guards Barracks with mustering of guards detail.

8. Tiger Park [link to Swedish post].

9. Street scene.

10. This is Jack Steelnack, "the Steeler," a renowned Dharma Town citizen. And here is an interview with him.

11. To the left, the mysterious couple Signe and Orvar. They always prowl the cities of Dharma Town, unknown why. However, among other things I know that they are fans of the author Gordon Dickson.

12. Ride the Tiger monument [link to Swedish post].

13. Steelnack, red palace and red limo.

14. White Palace, premium car, Ritter von Epp.

15. Café Existence, a focal point for meetings and discussions over a cup of your favorite brew.

16-17. Manderley.

18-20. Views.

Good Reads: Gordon R. Dickson etc.
Jack Steelnack Interview
Heinlein Revival
Antropolis: Place du Carrousel [lots of pictures, text in Swedish]
Evola: Ride the Tiger [review in Swedish]

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